About Angela Lorek

Angela Lorek was born in Goettingen/Germany in 1955. She is interested in the development of art and events associated with most art related functions. After senior high school, she passed her examinations and attained her degree from the faculty of educational science in Goettingen. In the 70’s she had interests in subject areas such as pedagogic, psychology, German language and sociology and last but not least in art and visual communication. The 80’s were mostly taken up by birth of her two children and different experiences at professional level in several schools and institutions in Cairo, Wolfsburg and Goettingen. However, art became her main area of interest. At the Erew-Institute in Viersen, she concluded her studies as a therapist and attained her PhD in pedagogic and psychology from the University of Cologne in 1998. The last 16 years have been spent by her in Greater Hannover, her new home and the dwelling of her second husband. Although an accident caused grave damage to her hand, she has not changed her aim to produce art work at a high creative level.
Again and again people ask her from where she gets her inspiration, to which she replies “…an art technique, a piece of news or documentation, a shade or even a special material”. Every piece of work is a monument of creating and being: “Here and now”.
“Less is more”, is Angela Lorek’s motto. Looking at her work there is not only one certain style of art or producing, but a whole variety. “Everyone follows somebody, deliberately or unconsciously. I am fascinated by artists of different art schools such as Modern Classic, and Surrealism. I am not only interested in the creative part of their work but also the human part of their lives and suffering documented in their biographies”.